Ecolumber Food

production and commercialisation

of dried fruits

Ecolumber Food, forms part of Grupo Ecolumber, and is the business unit responsible for the production process and commercialisation of the dried fruit cultivated by Ecolumber Agro.

Production processes

With quality as a main axis in the entire work methodology of Ecolumber Food, we perform all the processes for the transformation of the products from when they enter into our plants until reaching the client.

Our Suppliers

Our suppliers strictly comply with the demands of our quality system. We perform constant and detailed controls of the raw materials in our own laboratories.

Raw Materials

We work with the raw materials from their origin. This means we import directly from the United States, Brazil, Turkey, Iran… In addition, we have our own dried fruit plantations in Spain to supply our brands, all included in the Ecolumber Agro Division.
The raw materials are stored in temperature and humidity-controlled rooms to maintain their original organoleptic properties, characteristics, and flavour.

Commercialisation by product type

Our products are subject to different processes according to what their usage will be.

Raw nuts and dried fruits

Almonds, hazel nuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds

Processed nuts and dried fruits

Cashews, toasted hazel nuts, fried peanuts, dried fruit cocktail, toasted pistachio, walnut

Dehydrated fruit:

Red bilberry, plums, dates, peach, apricot, raisins

Our brands

Air Nuts

A new product, innovative, healthy and with a delicious taste to the dried from which it is made. These are the snacks that allow you to enjoy without feeling guilty.

Your healthy nuts and dried fruit Crunch.

Air Nuts

7 Daily Nuts

A mixture or almonds, cashew nets, walnuts, and red and blue bilberries with a high content of vitamin E, Omega 3 acids, and fibre, and a source protein that contribute to conserve and increase muscle mass.

7DailyNuts wants to help you maintain your health every day.

7 Daily Nuts

DLU Nature

DLU NATURE selects, prepares, packages, and distributes dried fruits, desiccated, and dehydrated, extra-soft fruits for the end user, as a product range especially designed for catering.

All the products prepared and packaged by DLU Nature are gluten free.

DLU Nature

Our facilities

Uriarte Iturrate S.L.

Total Square meters: 2200

Packaging room: 300m2

Cooling room of 300m2

Cooling room capacity: 150 pallet of 600 kg each pallet.

SGA System

Domingo de Sautu Kalea,
92 Pgno Ind Zuiaa, 01130 Murgia, Álava

Frutos de la Vega S.L.

Total Square meters: 2200

Packaging room: 882m2

Raw Material Store: 603m2

Cooling room of 357m2


N-I, KM 15409471 Fuentespina, Burgos