Ecolumber Food


The production processes used in Ecolumber Food, cover all the necessary procedures to take the final product to the client from when they reach our facilities without any processing.



These are the following processes:
• Frying
• Toasting
• Packaging, of either prepared or raw products
• Wrapping with lines to work with multiple formats.
• Storage
• Quality Control
• Traceability Control


We have our own frying line that is continuous and fully automatic, which allows us to control the frying time and temperature throughout the entire process.


Our two ovens allow us to use automatic toasting, but without losing that traditional touch/knowledge that characterises us.


Modern machinery optimising the process and allowing to work with different product formats. We have two packaging lines for dried fruit packets and one packaging line for extra-soft desiccated and/or dehydrated fruits.

All equipped with modern product weighing systems and with packaging systems in protective atmosphere.


Three packaging lines prepared to work with multiple roll sizes. This allows us to have a large variety of formats and weights in the products, which range from 50-gram bags to 5 kilo packets.

This flexibility allows us to also perform packaging in nets. All the lines are adapted for a protective atmosphere wrapping system, giving our products ideal organoleptic characteristics throughout their useful life and until consumption.


The final product is stored for a short period of time, which allows optimal stock rotation. We try to work practically with 0 stock, without not satisfying the needs of our clients regarding quality and service time.

Quality Control

We are committed to quality as the main objective We have our own laboratory with qualified personnel that performs physiochemical and microbiological controls, from the raw material until the final product, and passing through the entire production process.

This effort and dedication in the fields of quality and food safety has permitted us obtaining the higher level “International Food Standard (IFS)” certification.

Quality control: traceability

Due to direct contact with the suppliers in origin and the implementation of the latest technology in the production plant, we are capable of guaranteeing the traceability, from their origin (raw material) until the end consumer.

All the order preparation process and delivery of products is completely computerised. This allows us in addition to real-time stock control, controlling product traceability until the end client.


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